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Patrick Beverley 2020-2021 Outlook

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14 hours ago, Portis4Potus said:

Did a search and didn’t see a thread for him. He seems to be flying under the radar on wires right now. His stocks have been nice and the mins seem to be there. 

Rotoworld just gutted him in the Daily Dose.


The bad

Patrick Beverley - If players earned fantasy points for clapping from the bench, Patrick Beverley would provide top-10 value. But in reality, he ranks 117th and he showed why on Friday night vs the Thunder. He scored one point in 30 minutes. One. Uno. Half of two. He had eight boards, two assists and three steals so it was a somewhat decent showing, but he had four fouls, too. Pat Bev is known as the annoying pest type of player, but to me, he’s a bit overrated as a defender. According to Team Rankings, Beverley averages 3.64 fouls per game this season, tied for sixth-most in the NBA. For comparison, he only records a combined two steals (0.7) and blocks (1.3) per contest. That’s not too good for a ‘defensive specialist’ and for some reason, 21% of fantasy managers think he’s worth a roster spot at the moment. Leave him on the waivers.

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That Daily Dose is hilarious, but too emotional. While in real life Beverley is irritating, annoying, and obnoxious, in fantasy he is roster-worthy at the moment. It's just business.

Coming back from injury, he has been #35 over the last 3 games, and #94 on the season. He gives 3pm, steals, and even blks out of position. 

He is sitting on wires in lots of leagues. You don't have to love him to roster him.

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