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Much rather have Harden. Even if his usage takes a hit he'll still avg 20/10/5 with solid %s, bunch of 3s and some steals, which all seems like a floor for him. 

Once Nets all get really comfy playing w eachother I'd expect harden to start dropping more points and still be at top of league in assists.

Also, I'm sure Harden will take basically no rest days, whereas durant will need some, and kyrie will prob take another hiatus to lead a rebellion. So when either of the other two stars don't play Harden will put up huge numbers.

You would just think Harden is super motivated to win and play well more than ever.

As for KAT, his numbers are great and his avgs are top of the league, but hes gotta be the least trustworthy top 15-20 player rn. Between injuries, covid and family tragedy, while playing for a failing organization, hes not someone I'd be stoked to roster rn.

I hope KAT proves me wrong cuz his talent is undeniable and elite, but rn I'd rather have Harden for sure.

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Keep Harden. I think he will pick it back up and the worst of his production is behind him. He's also going to explode once in a while when Kyrie and Durant sit out since they're both not exactly the most durable players.



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its a fair trade. trading hardens means if you do the trade your guards get weaker. so you prob need to trade a wing for a pg. staying put your bigs kinda need reinforcments should you stay put trade a wing for another big. but if this was me id do it just cause KAT's skills set is harder to trade (combo of double doubles with stocks and threes).

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