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Trade help! Whir!

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Was offered Mikal, Dejounte Murray and Keldon Johnson for my Ben Simmons and Mitch Robinson in my Yahoo H2H league. I was originally punting ft% but abandoned that strategy, so looking to clear those punt guys from my roster. Is this a good haul? Must accept?

not sure I can do better than this and in my née build (no punting), simmons and Robinson lose value 

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Thats a solid haul, but use your league settings to your advantage. If its a 12 team, there could be some hot WW pick ups which that could hinder you from making that extra add by taking on that extra player.

Otherwise, I would always lean towards the best player in the deal. So I'd go Simmons, but again I wouldn't be against pulling the trigger on that offer.

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Hi, thanks for your advice in my thread. How many players in your league (how deep is your league)? What is your lineup?

Typically, I would keep simmons and robinson especially if in a shallow league. If you are in a deep league (16team+) and you want to avoid punt ft%, then only then will i consider doing the trade.  But i would guess that i can still look for a better haul for simmons+robinson.

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8 minutes ago, thornton1986 said:

If he includes Jarrett Allen instead of Keldon Johnson is that better? Potential lottery ticket if Drummond is traded or bought out?

Well yeah but that isn’t a guarantee. The original trade isn’t too bad for you actually. Murray does what Simmons does to a lesser degree and he adds 3s. Mikal is solid I have him and he’s been doing me well especially good shooting and low turnover. Keldon is still a good hold.. a little inconsistent but it’s still early, he’s shown signs of being able to product big.

I’d honestly take the trade IF you can’t get anything better , deep league especially. Also if it’s like a 10/12 man league then maybe hold for a little longer. Put it this way you’re good either way if you take it or don’t 

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20 hours ago, thornton1986 said:

Just following up guys. The guy really wants simmons, so he offered me Mikal Bridges and Dejounte for Simmons and Delon Wright. This way I get my guys and get to hold onto Mitch Rob. Is this a must accept? 

i would take this but i am higher on murray and bridges than most

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On the first trade offer of Mikal/Dejounte/Keldon for your Simmons/Robinson ...

It will help reverse the original FT% punting strategy, gain 3pts and more points / fairly even in boards, assists, steals / but decrease in blocks and FG%

Without know which players you need to drop, that player's stats will negate some of the increases mentioned above. Also blocks are a premium and Mitch Robinson single handedly can win a category in H2H matchups.

Without knowing your league size and how active it is, I would not accept the trade.


On the second trade offer of Mikal/Dejounte for your Simmons/Delon Wright ....

It will also help with FT%, 3pts and points / Fairly even in FG%, rebounds / but decrease in assists, steals and blocks

I would also not accept the trade because the stats you are giving up in assists, steals and blocks are hard to come by


One key element of these two offers are the Spurs players being offered: Keldon Johnson and Dejounte Murray.

Derrick White is expected to return soon. It will take him a couple of weeks to ramp up conditioning and minutes. During that time, Pops will be trying different lineups but players losing some minutes and stats will happen, and that includes Keldon and Dejounte.


Hope this helps and sorry I didn't get to respond earlier :)


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