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Would like to trade my Ben Simmons due to m abandoning my punt ft% strategy. I’d like to compete in all cats so looking to get a decent haul for him. How does this sound

I was offered;

Dejounte Murray and Mikal Bridges


Ben Simmons and Delon Wright


I’ve tried to aim higher and no luck. Is this a must accept? I was planning on dropping Delon in the near future anyhow as his inconsistency frustrates me. Whir!

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I like this trade for you honestly. As you said, Wright is kind of a streaky/waive wire-ish add anyway, so this is more of a 2 for 1.  I basically see it as a 3rd rounder and a 5th (or so) rounder for a 2nd rounder.  Not bad... And Murray is only getting better and Bridges has elevated himself this year to top 50 status.  That said, if I were in your shoes I would still try to aim a bit higher if there are any possibilities left.  He's coming off a trip dub after all and led the 76ers in that victory over the Lakers, so I wouldn't rush it.  Sorry if that's not the most definitive answer.  I'm in a similar position and am hard pressed to give up Simmons for something less than he's worth (obviously).  Mind checking my out?  It's a points league fyi:


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It’s a fair trade.

however, since  Delon Wright is your first drop choice, how about staying put stream players? With so many team’s starting players encountering safety protocols, there are be plenty of valuable FAs to exploit a few games at a time.

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