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Help!! Veto or no veto? Herro

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Asking for advice: an inactive coach (no formation set for the past weeks and current week) just accepted today the following trade: Give Herro, Dieng, WCJ to get Mills, Ellington, Nunn. 

Worth mentioning that Herro was drafted at the third round at #35 by the inactive coach. The trade has been proposed by the player currently playing against the inactive coach. 
The player who proposed the trade was also made co-comissioner yesterday and brought the inactive coach to the league this year.

Tried to ask for the contact (whatsapp) of the inactive coach in the previous month, but received no answer.

What to do? Veto or No Veto? I am the commissioner.


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While I rarely believe in vetoes, if the dude has been inactive over the past few weeks, couldn't even set a lineup, I would be struggling with this too. I'd think even if the guy was semi-active, I would still be debating whether to veto this or not. Dieng, Ellington, Nunn were (and probably still are) right around waiver-wire players. 

If he's co-commish, the two of you should have already been talking about this guy's inactivity. I'd ask this co-commish how he suddenly got a hold of him and what this looks like to the rest of the league if you let it go through. It appears to be "collusion" but I'd try to clear it with the co-commish before you use those words.

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Stop the trade. Drop that inactive GM, he surely doesn't know what he's doing anyway drafting Herro 3rd rd. Let the new GM decide what to do with that team. That co-commish bringing him in the league makes it more suspicious, or he's just taking advantage of the other guy knowing he doesn't know how to play. You are the commish. Do what's right.



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