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New 16-team Dynasty League Slow Draft (H2H points, Fantrax, $150 LeagueSafe)

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Long story short -- I was in dynasty league for the last couple years that's going to disband so I'm looking to start up a new one, using some of the things I liked from the old one and tweaking and streamlining some other things. Hoping to make it fun, active and very competitive with owners that will want to stick around long term. The goal is to fill the league and get a slow draft started by March 1  -- earlier if we can get everyone on board quickly. 

I'm posting the constitution below. If you are interested or have any questions, here is the email I have set up for the league: thedynastyleague2021@gmail.com




  • Rosters have a maximum of 40 players and can contain both major and minor league players. There are no limits to the amount of major or minor league players on a roster

  • Weekly lineup with 19 starters (11 hitters and 8 pitchers): C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, MI, CI, LF, CF, RF, UTIL, 5 SP, 2 SP, 1 P

  • One points-based H2H matchup per week. See scoring rules on the site

  • The league will consist of four divisions, which will be set after the random draft order is determined. D1 (1, 8, 9, 16), D2 (2, 7, 10, 15), D3 (3, 6, 11, 14), D4 (4, 5, 12, 13)

  • Regular season will consist of 21 weeks. Teams will play division opponents three times each and all other teams once




  • Four division winners and four wild cards -- next four best records regardless of division -- qualify.

  • Division winners receive top four seeds and are seeded No. 1-4 by record. Wild cards seeded No. 5-8 by record. Reseed for semifinals. 

  • Semifinals losers play for third place.

  • Tiebreakers for division and wild card spots determined by season total points




  • 40-round slow snake draft held on Fantrax site. Order randomized by Fantrax. 

  • All major and minor league players eligible, including last year’s MLB draftees and this year’s international (J2) signees.

  • Three-hour time limit for picks -- time limits paused between 12 midnight and 10 a.m. Eastern

  • In the event draft will not be finished prior to opening day, commissioner will reduce time limit the day before first game of season to expedite draft




  • A supplemental draft of up to 10 rounds will be held each February/March.

  • Players from the previous year’s MLB Draft, the most recent class of international (J2) signees and all unowned players are eligible for the supplemental. Unsigned or undrafted amateur/college/international players are not eligible.

  • Owners can use as many as 10 picks but only as many as open spots that exist on their 40-man roster. Deadline will be set for teams to make roster cuts one week prior to supplemental draft. All players must be removed from DL spots prior to the cut deadline and will count against roster number.




  • The supplemental draft will be conducted in a linear, or non-snake, manner

  • The No. 1 pick will be awarded to the winner of a consolation playoff bracket between the eight non-playoff teams, to be contested simultaneously with the championship bracket

  • The No. 2-7 picks will be determined by a weighted draft lottery. The team with the worst record will receive seven “ping pong balls”, the team with the second-worst receives six, etc, with the non-playoff team with the best record receiving one.

  • Picks No. 9-12 will go to the first-round playoff losers, inverse order of record

  • Picks No. 13-16 will go to the fourth, third, second and first place finishers




  • All free agents on a first-come, first-serve basis. Pickups take effect for the next scoring period

  • Dropped players will be placed on waivers for two days. Waiver order will be set in reverse order of draft and operate on a rolling basis.

  • There will be a two-day processing period for trades. Teams can vote to veto trades during the period, with 50 percent required for a veto. Commissioner has final say on vetoes.

  • Teams can execute trades that put them over the 40-man roster limit during the season but must get to the 40-man limit by the next scoring period or will be deemed to have an illegal roster and not accrue points.

  • Supplemental draft picks are eligible to be traded but only one year into the future. The trading of draft picks requires a deposit for that year’s league fee. See Financials.

  • Trade deadline is the Sunday of Week 17 each season




  • Hitters must have 10 games played (previous season) or 5 games played (current season) at a position to be eligible

  • Pitchers must have 5 starts (previous season) or 3 starts (current season) to qualify as an SP, or 8 relief appearances (previous season) and 5 relief appearances (current season) to qualify as RP




  • Once playoffs start, only major league pickups will be allowed. If you pick up a minor league player after the playoffs begin he will be returned to the player pool and the roster spot will remain open until the supplemental draft.

  • Rosters will be locked as soon as a team is eliminated from championship or consolation bracket

  • Trades can be made in the offseason once the league is renewed for the next season as long as both teams have paid entry fees for that season. Owners can drop players at any time once the league is renewed up until the supplemental draft cut deadline but can not add players until after the supplemental draft.




  • Entry fee is $150 through LeagueSafe ($2400 total pool)

  • First place $900 / Second place $500 / Third place $200 ($1600)

  • Division winner bonus: $100 ($400)

  • Playoff qualifier bonus $50 ($400)

  • Entry fee must be paid to LeagueSafe before draft




  • In order to preserve the integrity of the dynasty aspect of the league, all owners in first year, and any first-year owners in subsequent years, will have any winnings up to $150 rolled over into the next year’s entry fee. Requirement is lifted in second season

  • Any trades involving minor league players or draft picks will require a deposit to LeagueSafe of half ($75) of entry fee for the following season

  • In future seasons, all efforts will be made to recruit new replacement owners as needed at the full $150 entry fee. However, poorly managed rosters may be difficult find replacement owners for and the commissioner may need to offer temporary discounts to fill the league and adjust prize pool accordingly





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