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Who is my drop when Mccollum comes back?

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 I'm holding Robert Williams and WIseman now because of blocks.  I was planning on dropping Harrell when McCollum comes back.   But he has been playing well and Smart is out.  I'm also going against the top team this week and could use some help.  I've thought of dumping Wiseman now for Jeremy Lamb.  There are 3 good sg's out there now in Lamb, Trent Jr, Dillon Brooks and Eric Gordon.   So no rush.  Edit : lamb just got picked up so there goes that.  He's who i would have added.

I'd drop Wiseman normally but compared to what is on waivers he is clearly the best big man too so i'm going to lose whoever i drop.  I get Williams is low ownage but has potential where i need it which is blocks.  COusins, Bagley can hit 3's.  Wiseman and Williams were blocks.  Harrell is who i picked up and doesn't hit 3's and is just pretty good all around in the interm and has been playing well which makes him hard to drop.







f-keldon johnson








b-robert williams


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It's 10 team h2h 9 cat just to add.  I'm down this week but up in turnovers and don't want to kill my percentages either.  Trying to win off that but down games with Smart and Wiseman being banged up and Wall sitting back to backs.  I could use the help now and later although not sure..  There is no one on my team i overly want to drop.  There are literally no pg's and big men on waivers.  It's picked thin.  There are a few sg's right now which is what i need.

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