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Would you make this trade?

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Is this too much for Acuna?

Bauer, Bichette, first round pick for Acuna


12 Team Head to Head League (max 6 keepers)

C D'Arnaud

1B D. Smith

2B K. Marte, Hiura

SS Bichette, Anderson, Gregorius

3B Bohm, K Seager

U Soler, Vogelbach

OF Springer, K Lewis, Yastremski

SP Bauer, Gallen, Houck, Peterson, Cody, Freeland, Watson

RP Melancon, Greene

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Depends on the landscape of starting pitching in your league and how you could replace Bauer.  Bichette and a 1st works for you since you have Tim Anderson. If Bauer is what it takes to get it done, I would do it as long as there is a path to addressing your pitching staff in the draft.

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Giving up too much IMO. Acuna is great obviously, but you're essentially giving up 2 second round players and a first round pick. If you truly had the depth to make a deal and get Acuna, I'd consider it, but I think I'd hold in this instance.

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yeah hard pressed to find 6 keepers now, if you can murder a draft its obviously great but


Bauer, Bichette, Gallen, Springer, Lewis/Yaz, Hiura/Marte/Bohm +plus drafting a top 100 player

Acuna, Gallen, Springer, Lewis/Yaz, Bohm, Hiura/Marte plus no pick round 1


you get the best player but your team is really hurt

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