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Matt Olson or Dominik Smith

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14 team keep all with standard cats


I need a 1B with Sano my best option at the moment. I have Acuna, Robert, Alvarez, Rosario, Dylan Moore and Austin Slater as OF depth and it's start three.


Should I move Alvarez for one of Olson or Smith +

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Sano and Olson feel like very similar players with a slight upgrade in Olson.  Smith would be solid, but playing time is a bit of a concern now unless the NL get the DH.  He'll still play a ton, but they have a lot of depth now that will cut into his time.  I think you hold.

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With no DH in the NL, I would not trade for Smith. He's going to lose some playing time. 

I just don't think the move for Olson that much of an upgrade. I would hold.

Help with mine?


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