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Embiid/Mikal for Siakam/FVV (9-cat, WHIR)

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I was offered to get Embiid and Mikal Bridges for my Siakam and Van Fleet. This is for 16-team, 9-cat league and here's my roster:

G: Van Vleet, D. White, Haliburton, Cole Anthony

F: Booker, Oubre, Bazley, Trent Jr.

C : Siakam, Covington

Thanks and WHIR!

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This is a close one for sure.

Embiid is a true MVP candidate right now - playing out of his mind. Mikal is in a slump but is still getting lots of run and is great for stocks.

I'm a Fred owner, and he's been a stud all year. Siakim has just started to turn it around - but what happens when OG returns? 

Regarding depth, I think you're ok with the guards you have on your squad, and you would be getting the best player in the return. Should get a nice bump in blocks, but will lose some AST numbers

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It's pretty close but I'd go for it. Embiid is going crazy right now, but Bridges is in kind of a slump. I'd try to fish for someone a little hotter than Bridges before accepting the trade, since Siakam and VanVleet are pretty hot themselves.

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Why not try to offer Booker instead of VanVleet? I like him more than Booker. Also Embiid will get his rests, so that is something to think about. If he takes Booker instead, i'll probably take it.

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Quick comparison of the player combo in question:

Embiid/Mikal --> much better fg%, better ft%, better reb, much better blocks, better scoring, no change in TO .... 5 categories

VanVleet/Siakam --> better 3pts, much better assists, better steals, no change in TO .... 3 categories


Unless his name is LBJ, all players will rest through out the season. The only difference is that you don't benefit when Embiid rests, but with VanVleet/Siakam in the same team, when either one rests, the other will get a slight usage bump and you reap the benefits.

Also see how your team has fared in the category match ups and if the above overview will make better or worse for your team


Sorry I didn't answer your question but I've given you some perspective to make a better informed decision. Let the readers who invested time to answer your inquiry what your final decision was.




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