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BBB boys for Drummond? - 100% WHIR

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Would you do this trade (if you look at my roster).

Lonzo + Lamelo = Drummond

Would probably get someone like Bledsoe, Bogdanovic (Atlanta) or something like that. 10 teamers has a lot of possibilities. 

Or is it too much for Drummond and I don't need him? Just think he is going to be a monster if he lands with Raptors or something like that and would secure me FG%, REB, BLOCKS, TO's and then just stream assists/steals/3's/points depending on matchup?

10 teams, 9 cat, H2H (weekly matchup with daily roster change possibility)

My roster:

PG: LaMelo, Murray

SG: Lonzo, Hayward

SF: Middleton, Josh Jackson

PF: ZION, Anthony Davis, Horford

Center: Ayton, Gobert, Jokic, Poeltl

IR: Nurkic & Levert

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With Jokic, Ayton, AD, Harford and streaming Poeltl, you don't need Drummond. Even though is a 10 team league, highly doubt you can replace the Balls. LaMelo has really come into his own, very confident, aggressive. Looking bright for ROS.

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Keep the Ball brothers. Your bigs lineup is awesome already, you don't need Drummond. Lamelo's upside is crazy and Lonzo has been playing well so I'd just stick with them

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