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What's all this The Edge crap?

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except you looked back cause you are here  

reddit is cool and all that, been a part of r/fantasybball for a year now but i like seeing antonio banderas gifs too much to leave this place

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4 minutes ago, maxim730 said:

Move to Reddit and twitter . 100x better.. haven’t looked back since I left 

Better at certain things, worse at others.

Reddit is terrible for conducting a conversation, things lack permanence so you have to keep re-making PD posts every time you want to talk about something. I find myself wishing they used forum style for discussions rather than upvote/downvote system.

Twitter is great for distributing news quickly but also lacks in the long-term conversation department.

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3 minutes ago, Johnnyapplebot said:

Rotoworld......rest in peace. Was already planning on leaving these forums this just makes it much faster and easier to say bye.

NBC has owned it for years.  It's just a different logo.

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5 minutes ago, python3 said:

NBC has owned it for years.  It's just a different logo.

Its more than just the name change obviously. These forums hasnt been the same in a while. Also even though its relatively small, knowing rotoworld.com for over 10 years and now its nbcsports-edge or whatever is like meh lets tack it on for another reason to say bye.

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27 minutes ago, Pirate said:

They seriously couldn’t come up with anything better than “sports edge forums”. Disaster 

It's (NBC Sports) (Edge Forums). Not (NBC) (Sports Edge Forums). If that makes a difference.

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