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FREE Startup ESPN 12 player Keeper League - H2H Points

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Looking for 11 TRULY DEDICATED fantasy baseball players. I am a 10+ fantasy baseball vet who has a lot of experience running ESPN platform leagues. I would like to start up a league that we can continue year in a year out. This is for baseball lovers only. Here is an outline of how the league is laid out-- you can email me for more detailed questions if need be.

This is a head to head points league, with each matchup lasting 1 week. The scoring for batters is as follows-- 1 point will be awarded for each R, TB, RBI, SB, and BB...    -1 point for each K and CS....   15 points will be awarded if your player hits for the cycle. The scoring for pitchers is as follows-- 1 point for each 1/3 of a inning (each out recorded), and K. Earned runs will be -2 points, a win will be 10 points, a loss will be -4, a save will be 5 and each H and BB allowed will be -1. This scoring system is very similar to the default scoring that ESPN lays out, aside from the pitching which has a win boosted to 10 points.

Roster size will be 40 players with 13 starters. The starting positions will be C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, 3 OF spots, 2 UTIL spots, DH, and 2 P spots. There is no limit within your 40 roster spots for any particular position. For an extreme example, you could roster 15 first baseman if you choose. There is no limit for any position group. I'm sure the 2 P spots are unique to most people, if not all-- I will try to explain this well enough. Each day, you will be allowed to play TWO pitchers. It is highly recommended that you roster mostly STARTING pitchers on your team, if not all SP. This league is designed and set up scoring wise to be extremely favorable to SP. If you roster 18 pitchers and half of them are RP and half of them are SP, I promise you that your record will not reflect nicely. Your goal should be to have 2 SP pitching for you each night. Now, obviously there will be times when it is impossible to have 2 probable starters playing--either because there are a limited number of games being played that day or there are no available probable starters to be picked up off of free agency--thats ok. This is where it might be smart to roster a RP and throw him into the second P spot.  Hopefully this isn't too confusing and you can email me with any questions. But in order to succeed, your pitching staff (however many you choose, but you better have plenty) should consist 95% SP or higher.

The reason for a 40 man roster size is to stash your future fantasy stars like Adley Rutschman and Spencer Torkelson. You want to make sure your team is ready for the present and the future. This will be a full 40 man keeper league. You can add and drop players at your choosing. The only thing in this league that is undecided is how to incorporate the new top prospects that are drafted each year. Ideas on that are welcome. 

3 divisions of 4 teams each with 5 teams making the playoffs. The 4th and 5th seeds will be the only 2 playoff teams playing in week 1 of the playoffs. In week 2, the 1 seed (best overall record) will play the winner of 4 & 5 while the 2 & 3 play. Then its on to the championship. The championship week will be the 2nd to last week of the regular season because no one likes to play their championship matchup in the last week when the Mets decided to save DeGrom for the playoffs...


The draft date for this startup league will be added once we fill the league and determine what's best for the majority. It will be a snake draft. 

I am probably missing some stuff but feel free to reach me at an email address of     tre-cj2021@outlook.com

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