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12 Team AL only auction - One spot open

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Old school (30 years and counting) AL only rotisserie league.  Weekly moves, not daily.  Salary cap, live auction draft.  The incoming owners will have a separate pre-draft (several weeks prior to the regular draft) before deciding on their own keepers.  All three new owners will have a choice of keepers from the three vacated teams.  Some of these players include:  A. Mondesi, A. Santander, A Cavale, A. Bregman, B. Dalbec, L. Giolito, M. Chapman, M. Trout, and many others at cheap freeze prices.  Several of the players I listed are $5 (roto) or less.  We have always had a max of 10 keepers, but are reducing that to 8 this year to increase the player draft pool for all owners.

Buy in is $150 (could be as low as $125, we are currently voting on one of the two) for this season.  There is NO fee for roster moves, adds, or drops.  Top 4 teams are pay outs.  Draft day is the Saturday before opening day, March 27th.

We do the draft live, in person, at a house in Rancho Cucamonga, CA.  You DO NOT need to be at the home or live anywhere nearby to be in the league.  We have several owners who draft online with us through a chat room and zoom/other video chat.  Again, you don't have to go if you don't wish to.  We will still be catering to people who draft online.

Please contact me ASAP if you are interested.  I can provide more details as you wish. (Dave) fork80@yahoo.com

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