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Dylan Cease 2021 Outlook

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7 hours ago, bunnyzclan said:

Anyone else notice the change in his curveball? It used to be a straight up 12-6 movement with a huge drop, but it seems like he's sacrificed some of his vertical movement for horizontal movement. I wonder what's going on there.

Actually according to Baseball Savant there was a slight decrease in the vertical movement and a more significant decrease in horizontal movement: https://baseballsavant.mlb.com/gamefeed?date=6/17/2021&gamePk=633687&chartType=pitch&legendType=pitchName&playerType=pitcher&inning=&count=&pitchHand=&batSide=&descFilter=&ptFilter=&resultFilter=&hf=playerBreakdown

As is usual with him it all boils down to command. He gave up 2 walks, a HBP, a wild pitch and he left a couple others out over the plate which the Astros capitalized on. Even without Bregman in the lineup, this matchup had trouble written all over it. Astros are 1st in bb/k rate. I think this metric is a good barometer to use in whether to start or bench Cease. Patient teams that also don’t strike out much are no bueno for Cease.

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Watched much of the start and I would give him more credit than that. He usually has no idea where the ball is going and he was mostly pinpoint with everything today. He talked with Lance Lynn and the

I’m probably going to regret starting this thread, but I’m slightly intrigued by Dylan Cease this year. He’s been mostly hot garbage for fantasy purposes and I’ve mostly bashed him repeatedly for havi

agreed. This actually doesn’t scare me off much. Corbin Burnes (been hearing comparisons between Cease and Burnes) used to have command issues until he didn’t this year.   Cease’s mechanics

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7 hours ago, B&F said:

I am so over him.

Same. High-octane mediocrity. He'll probably have a great year at some point sandwiched among a bunch of barely rosterable seasons. But that's about all I see in terms of ceiling.

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1.  He was part of the deal for Quintana because the Cubs felt he was a long-term reliever

2.  Issues spotting his secondary pitches let alone that impressive fastball - it's always going to be about command and having strong secondary pitches off of that fastball.  Next to the command issues, does he really have very strong secondary pitches is the question.

3.  Yes - one can point to him being young & still learning at the ML level.  He's close to 50 starts in the majors - and one hopes that the stuff aligns at some point with command (like it has with SOME hard throwing SPes)


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