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Need Early-Season Owner Replacement in H2H ESPN Points

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Two of our longtime stalwart owners have left the league. So we need a replacement. I believe both owners got frustrated with injuries and COVID interruptions as they both have great rosters. The teams are languishing in last place in their divisions, but there is a lot of season left and certainly time to get into the playoffs. This is the case of strong rosters neglected.

League Name: Alley Oopers Teams: 12 (3 divisions)

Draft: Live (w/ draft pick trading allowed)

Format: H2H Points (1 win, loss or tie each week)

Keeper: YES

Playoffs: 8 teams (4 non-playoff squads play for the #1 pick next year)

Vacant teams: Milwaukee Bucks, Iceberg Slim

If interested, please leave your email address here and you will get an invite. Thanks!


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Still looking for two new owners. This league is competitive and has been together several years. I suspect the owners who left got very frustrated with the COVID situation. They were losing players to "protocols" that decimated their lineups and they just threw up their hands. Both teams have great players. We all are having to deal with that (for ex., I have Karl-Anthony Towns who missed 3 weeks!) and just have to manage around it like in the real sports world. It is a test of your managerial skills during a crisis  And since it is a Keeper, you can manage with the long-term view. And finally, it is so early in the season that we all have a shot at making the playoffs. No one is "out of the running" for the playoffs...Hope we can get two so we can keep rolling thanks!

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Giving this one more shot! We need two owners to round out the league to replace two who left after the season began. I believe these two owners got frustrated with COVID interruptions and the impact it had on their rosters. There is still a lot of season left and an opportunity to make the 8-team playoffs. If interested in the two vacant teams (Milwaukee Bucks, Iceberg Slim), please leave your email address and the team you prefer and you will receive an invite thanks!,

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We need just one more owner and this league is full again. We are enjoying some great competition! Visit the league and let me know if you are interested. The vacant teams is Iceberg Slim. If so, leave your name and email address thanks.

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