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Starting a new 12 Team League

Keepers None/3/5 There will be a vote


1. You Need to set your keepers before keeper lock date
2. There will be ??? Keepers(Not Mandatory)and draft pick trading will be allowed.
3. after keeper lock date, everything is locked until draft.
4. When trading draft picks make sure they are equal.
5. Trade lock date will be 2 weeks ish before fantasy playoffs start (Sunday night)
6. SP's have a 12 start limit. The penalty for going over 12 is.. the removal of the highest scored points by a SP or Pitchers that day
7. Fee for the league will be 75.00
8. The regular season winner goes to the team with the best record. If there is a tie then it will come down to most points scored(PF). After that head to head
9. Matchup Acquisition Limit is 7 per week.

10. payouts are..

Champion 500.00
2nd place 175.00
3rd place 75.00
Reg. season winner 75.00
Highest weekly Matchup Score 75.00. Not including week 1 or 14

Send email address to 3shotmike@gmail.com

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