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--NEW-- 14 Team H2H Cat Dynasty League(Fantrax/Couchmanagers)$Auction Slow draft $100+10(x2) See inside

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Hey Everyone, Im reaching out to let you know that Im starting a new 14 team H2H Auction Slow draft Dynasty league. I have been running leagues for over a decade now. I just got done completing a league draft just like this one and it was a blast. Also about to finish up a roto league with similar settings. You will not be disappointed. Looking for serious long term owners to build a league with.

Some key things to point out:

This league will be prepay up for to attract long term owners. Everyone pays 2 years up front and then next year we will split payments into 2 payments(See constitution)

$100+$10 for Dynasty Bonus(see constitution) per year

Slow auction draft

6x6 H2H format with winners and losers bracket
Standings will determine draft picks
Roster is 34 regular and 25 minor spots(15 Year 1)
Trades will be majority vote
100% payouts
Draft will consist of $400 budget and ALL PLAYERS WILL BE AVAILABLE(Including minors) until all 59 spots are full for first draft


Here is a link to the constitution




leave a message or email me at dlm3679@yahoo.com

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7 hours ago, BigCat5969 said:

Any update if this league is still available.  I'm really interested in the format, but will look elsewhere if needed.  Thanks!  



I sent an invite. I will send another one

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