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My Westbrook for his Drummond

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10 cat league (adding in DD)


Westrook has been killing my team with his percentages and turnovers. Drummond really fits on my team but will Drummond get traded and do Drummond things? Is Westbrook worth that risk?

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Drummond FT and TO are terrible too and he might not play until the trade deadline. If and when he gets traded, he might end up as a backup. Too much risk here. WB is pretty decent if you play H2H where you can punt a few cats. If you are in ROTO, then I wouldn't want to touch either. 

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As a Drummond owner, I'd take that in a heartbeat.  Don't get me wrong, I hate Westbrook for 9-cat too, but he's producing and playing.  Drummond's not only taking up space (as in, not even INJ eligible), but it's not guaranteed he'll be traded any time soon.  Not only that, but if he goes to an unfavorable location, he could see his numbers drop considerably.

Soooo even with DD (in which Westy excels, given he can get a DD in boards or assists), I'd strongly recommend passing.  At the very least, try to take more from the Drummond owner, since I'm assuming they're getting killed in the league and tired of him (like me).  Be warned that you'll have to deal with Drummond too if you do decide to make a play for him.

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Russ can be extremely frustrating but I'd rather have him. The Wizards are winning games primarily because Russ has toned down on some of his worst habits, like awful contested jumpers. I think his fg% will go up ROS as he's focusing more on scoring around the basket to get his points, which should make him much more valuable with the counting stats he provides. His ft% will probably suck, and the TOs will be on the higher end so if you're punting those, Russ can be a huge boost for you. He's pretty much like having a PG and a big man all in one with the boards and assists you get.

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