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Obvious answer is, yes. But I feel I’m on a strong position to compete without making a trade before the season begins. 12-team 6x6 holds obp qs roto league

My team:

C - Kelly, Smith

1B - Abreu

2B - Marte

SS - Lindor

3B - Devers

MI - N. Madigral

CI - Moncada

OF - Castellnos, Robles, Laureano

U - W. Calhoun, D. Carlson, W. Castro

SP - Bieber, Pearson, Flahtery, Gallen, Giolito

RP - Gallegos, N. Anderson, Chapman, R. Rodriguez 

BENCH - (Droppable likely before reserve draft, if not packaged in offseason trade)

Refroe, M. Keller, A. Garcia, M. Pineda, J. Candelario

MINORS - (Proected)

J. Kelenic, W. Franco 

My question: Guy is interested in my Kelenic. Should I trade him Kelenic for Dylan Moore to bolster my OF? He has maxed out his minors and has Austin Martin and Brendan Mackay.

Would you trade Kelenic or stand pat? I do feel my team is strong as is.


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27 minutes ago, superman100679 said:

Kelenic should get you way more than Moore in that type of league. I wouldn’t do that deal

I agree.  Dylan Moore is not the guy to get back if I'm selling the farm.  I'd rather have kelenic as is.

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Thanks! I should have clarified if you like Moore to contribute to my team this year, or stick with Kelenic. I wasn’t going to offer a one-for-one. Owner insists Kelenic be part of any package.

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If you're willing to give him up Kelenic then i would make him over pay BIG TIME to get him (not Dylan Moore). Who cares if some other manager wants him. If it were me i'd just keep Kelenic because you may not win this year anyway and Kelenic may help you win next year. For me, I wouldn't mortgage my team's future just to try and win this year. Good luck.

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