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My Trae + Bam for his KAT + Vanvleet? WHIR

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Like the title says, my Trae Young and Bam Abedayo for his Towns and Freddy Vanvleet.


For context of my team, I've been handily winning assists every week, but stocks are always hit or miss as well as 3s. For assist contributors, I'd still have Draymond, Shai, Marcus Smart (RIP), Jaylen Brown, Coby, and Thaddeus Young

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I like the KAT/FVV side. The new Wolves coach has indicated that they're gonna run everything through KAT going forward so I think he's in for a top 5 season. FVV has been balling out as well and is not too far behind Trae. 

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48 minutes ago, In Spades said:

Thanks for the advice, y'all. After some careful consideration and seeing as how Towns is turning into the second coming of Jokic, I'm gonna pull the trigger.

Good choice! KAT > Bam and FVV > Trae (this year).

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