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14 team no brainer. 

His output the last 2 games would be better than your bottom 3-4 players.

Pick him up and he's an easy cut if it doesn't pan out. But the path to minutes is there for at least 2-3 weeks until Delon returns. 

If he continues this form he'll lock himself into 25 min regardless of who's available.

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20 minutes ago, rob0403 said:

Hmmm... What are the chances he plays over Killian or Delon? 

He's not playing over either. He might start a PG while Killian is out. Killian was a high draft pick. But he's a pick up for the time being for sure. Delon may play the 2 when he gets back,

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45 minutes ago, mtx said:

Are the free throws usually that bad?

This is what concerned me as well, last game he shot 4/7 from the line and this game he shot 2/5. 

I still picked him up though cause of FOMO.

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3 hours ago, ComeOnAndSlam said:

Isn't Lee on a two way contract?  He's really only got this week and maybe next to provide value.  Post ASB he's not going to see much time unless Detroit sign him to a guaranteed deal.

one more game like this and you bet he signing a full contract

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bruh, im starting this guy instead of spida brick co. ceo mitchell, wish me luck...sac is historically bad at guarding opposing pgs, feel like every other night someone has an awesome game against them

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