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Need 1 for 5x5 Roto 10-Team ESPN Keeper League

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We have a very active league with one opening in an ESPN roto 5x5 standard league (tweaking Saves+holds for saves).  We have up to four keepers set by March 7th using standard ESPN lineups, two DL slots and have played competitively together for nearly 15 years.  Please inquire if you are looking for a long-term commitment in a great league!


Contact me at larsonc23@gmail.com to look at the team available.  Potential keepers include: Freddie Freeman, Jose Ramirez, Corey Seager, Charlie Blackmon, Nick Castellanos and Luke Voit (how didn't this team win last year?).  Live draft will be near March 14th...

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Bumping up for one more owner in a very active, long-standing league.  We have 4 keepers to be selected on March 7th at Noon PT.  The keepers on this available team are even better than I originally mentioned as the departing owner also has Darvish, Flaherty, Nola and Berrios.  Seriously, it is absurd this team didn't place higher last year.  The open team has the 6th pick in the draft scheduled for March 14th at 3 PM PT.


Please only join if you plan to stay for more than one year. 

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