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My mind says Yes, but my heart says NO (trade advice)

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I give: Colin Sexton, DeAndre Ayton

I get: Jrue Holiday, OG Anunoby

I have over-invested in REB (Wood, Vučević, Porzingis, Kanter, Ayton) and I'm pretty bad at stocks. Steals especially.
I have hopes that Jrue can flirt with top40 ROS and OG can be at least top60. On the other hand, Sexton maybeee top80,and Ayton.. i dont know, 50-60.

Would you do it?


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Yes! I really like that trade for you. Sexton doesn't have a lot of peripheral stats or assists, and neither does Ayton. OG and Jrue will give you a ton of steals (and assists from Jrue). Like you said, you're already very strong on bigs so you can afford to lose Ayton and get a better guard in the form of Jrue to replace Sexton.

Definitely do it.

Help here?

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Absoulutely! Don't see a reason why the other owner is going for this.

Why are you undervaluing JRue so much, he's been a clear second rounder so far, it's really unlikely that he'll drop so much, and even if he does he'd still be way better than Ayton and Sexton.
I totally agree with BBM rankings for these players JRue >> OG > Ayton >= Sexton. I'd expect all of them to stay where they are. 

Superb trade for you, your team will become unstoppable. I'd click accept immediately, don't give the other owner time to come to his senses. :) 

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