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he's after my Jokic- is this enough?

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I was offered Tatum and Siakam for my Jokic. I know it's prob not enough, but it's not like my team is doing well. He said he could add a 3rd player. What about this deal?


I give Jokic.

I get Tatum, Siakam, and Wendell Carter Jr.




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First year fantasy player here, so I dont have a lot of experience. My five cents:

Looking at the numbers over at hashtagbasketball, it was obvious Tatum&Siakam are not enough for Jokić. Both in stats so far and in projections.

Saying that, Tatum (and the Celtics as whole) should play better the second half of the season. Siakam also (maybe even Lowry gets traded to a contender - that wont hurt his stats). You add Wendell to that, and the fact that you are not very good so far - I say it's a fair deal.

If your team in signature is correct, you should consider going down the punt assist road. And if you can profit from all the trades in real life that are gonna happen, suddenly you will be in a good place.

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Boston needs Smart so that their 2 Jays be more efficient, so getting back Smart after ASB should be huge for Tatum.

Still would prefer Jokic, however, I think your WW is pretty bare if Morris Sr is one of your end of bench guys, so you really need more depth.


Thanks for the help with mine.

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