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$1000/NYC live auction October 2021

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Hello Gentlemen,

I am recruiting now for next seasons fantasy hoops.

I run 4 leagues. I know, it's a bit much

Two of those leagues are online and will remain online but two of my leagues normally have a live auction here in NYC

For those of you who can make a live auction in NYC just before next season starts, feel free to reach out to me during this current season. I can send you an invite via CBS so you can take a peek at the league while it's in play now, this season. 

Same can be said for my online leagues too

I do an auction redraft league

Standard 9 cat but with Assist to Turnover Ratio instead of Turnovers

$1000 entry fee, 17 teams is the goal, will never go 18.

3 Guards, 3 Forwards, 1 Center, 3 Flex and 4 Reserves.

1st $5500

2nd $4500

3rd $4000

4th $3000

You can reach me by cell, 718 687 3251 or email edbuzz261@gmail.com

My league members are primarily between the ages of 40 through 60 

We'll accept any age. My league is full of family men who enjoy fantasy hoops, regular Joe Schmoe's. We don't have any sharks. Just guys who can afford $1000 and want to enjoy themselves. The lower money entry fee just doesn't get us hard. LOL

Anyways, if you live anywhere near the NYC tri-state area and would like to join a league where you can meet the guys face to face once a year, this is the league for you. We rent out a banquet hall, plenty fo space, free wifi, order off of the menu, waitresses, we have an auctioneer and he has an assistant to keep track of the auction. It's a really good time. But for this year it's online

For my online league, we have guys from the West Coast, all the way back to the east coast. From sea to shining sea. LOL

I don't use league safe. For the owners in the live auction league, it's not an issue when we have live auctions, you show up the night of the auction and you pay the league fee in cash, unless you want to send it via PayPal, Venmo, Zelle before the auction. Which is up to you

But for the online league it can be a hurdle for some of you. I get it. There are a$$hole$ out here trying to rip you off. Well I'm not one of them. Pick up the phone and tell for yourself after a conversation with me. 

Good luck finding a league you enjoy. Hopefully mine

Ed Kelly


718 687 3251

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