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Fantasy NCAA Tournament League---$20 More Fun Than A Bracket

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Fantasy March Madness ‘21


Host: Fantrax 


Fee: $20 (Collected and held through Fantrax’s Treasurer)



There will be three scoring periods and for each scoring period you’ll pick any 12 players that are still in the tournament.  But once you’ve used a player for a scoring period, you cannot use that same player for another scoring period.  Here are the scoring periods:

1st scoring period: March 18 - 21 (1st and 2nd rounds)

2nd scoring period: March 25 - 28 (sweet sixteen and elite eight)

3rd scoring period:  April 3 - 5 (final four and championship)


So if you pick a player for the 1st scoring period, you cannot use him again for the 2nd or 3rd scoring periods.  Whichever team has the most points at the end of the NCAA tournament is the winner.



Point scored = 1 point

Assist = 1.5 points

Rebound = 1.5 points

Block = 2 points

Steal = 2 points



I’m going to cap the league at 30.  30 entrants x $20 = $600

1st place - $200

2nd place - $150

3rd place -  $100

4th place - $70

5th place - $50

6th place - $30


Player Picking:

Here is the schedule for picking players throughout the tournament:

  • Once you pay you can select your 12 players for the 1st scoring period. You’ll need to have your team selected by noon on March 18th.

  • Players for 2nd scoring period need to be selected 5 minutes before tip of the first sweet sixteen game on March 25th 

  • Players for the 3rd scoring period need to be selected 5 minutes before the tip of the first final four game on April 3rd


No first four (opening round on March 16 & 17) stats will count for this league.


email k.ganton@yahoo.com if interested

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