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15 hours ago, Boudewijn said:

Somewhere behind Everett on the Rams is Jacob Harris, UCF. He needs to learn a lot and he looks positively skinny by TE standards (he was drafted as WR), but somewhere in 2022 or 2023 this kid could surprise people. 

Not much use for 2021, but if in future years he ever breaks out, then I won't shut up about it.

By now you probably know Everett is on the Seahawks. Some reason as to why i would draft him are, 15TH round price tag. Flashed some talent in LA where TE isnt too involved plus split time with Higbee. Russ is his QB which gives him decent TD upside. His new OC was a assistant for the Rams last yr, so he already knows the offense.

I feel like he's a decent gamble. 



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6 hours ago, Olliemets said:

A few come to mind for me for the non-top 10 guys. Maybe a few of these guys have started to sneak up, I'm sure a few will by August:


1. Irv Smith - Guy jumps off the screen when I watch him, supremely talented with draft capital to back it up. Will be the 3rd pass catcher. He's my best bet for a guy drafted outside the top 10 to finish in the top 5

2. Adam Trautman - Was an athletic stud coming out IIRC, no more Cook, Jameis fed Howard/Brate, very limited weapons outside of MT & Kamara, Vannett as other TE is a blocker

3. Anthony Firkser - Probably worst WR core in the league for WR 2-5 (worded poorly, but I mean that if you disregarded a team's WR1, their next options are the worst in football IMO). Played well last year when Jonnu was out, and even pretty well with him there

4. Cole Kmet - Draft capital, came on towards the end of last year, no more Graham 


I'm all in on Irv.



Careful when you say Irv will be the 3rd pass-catcher don't forget about Cook. 

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14 hours ago, IdontknowwhatNFLis12 said:

How about Anthony Firkser with Jonnu Smith now gone?

I mostly want him so I can name my team Mother Firkser

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The Bears could still move on from Jimmy Graham, but if they don't, I think Nagy definitely uses him enough to keep Kmet from being trustworthy.    

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Packers re-signed TE Robert Tonyan to a one-year, $3.384 million contract.

It's the value of Tonyan's second-round RFA tender. The 27-year-old had a breakout 2020 season that saw him post 52-586-11 as essentially Aaron Rodgers' No. 2 receiver behind Davante Adams. Viewed as a sort of "Baby Kittle," Tonyan was a monster in the red zone last year. He remains a top-end fantasy tight end, as long as Rodgers is back with Green Bay.

May 27, 2021, 6:19 PM ET
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