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Welcome to the "Field of Dreams" Dynasty league
This is a 12 team Dynasty league meaning you can keep up to 30 players from one season to the next. You do NOT have to keep that many. As you can keep as many as you wish. As long as it does not exceed 30. You are not over your salary cap.

First year draft will be a snake draft. The following seasons will be Salary cap draft. 32 player roster includes 10 bench spots, Large, purposely made that way so everyone can hold some prospects if they desire. Again, you can keep any number prospects you wish, as long as it does NOT exceed (7) seven total, on your roster.

The league will be 6x6 scoring. Scoring categories are:
Batting side ledger: BA, Runs, HR, RBI, SB, and OBP,
Pitching side ledger: Wins, SO, Saves, ERA, WHIP and Holds.

Please remain active, if you will be gone on vacation ect. Please send an email and let me know.
Trades should be balanced, and designed to make both teams better.

Once the league is full, polls will be utilized to decide on the best time for the on line snake draft. I am thinking some time on Sunday the 28th of March. Could possibly draft on an earlier Sunday.
If league is full and owners want too.

Hope we can all have many great fantasy baseball seasons together. Always remember, "it is just a game" by John McEnroe. Everyone have fun, stay safe, and May God bless...

Please Name your teams Gentleman...
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Invitation sent ...  If you accept you are number 12.   Please don't delay. 


We have 11 members, invitation's have been sent for the 12th.    Still no reply from them and still not accepted.    Their is still an opportunity to join this league. 

Still Need one more...

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