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Reduced league dues for last owner

We are looking for our last owner to fill out this league.

This is an active league with a companion forum site to host bidding & transactions!
The gameplay is on ESPN.
6x6 H2H Categories: R, HR, RBI, SB, AVG, OPS, K, QS, W, ERA, WHIP, SVHD

$100 roster budget for players
Actual league dues is $50 (BUT you'll only be required to pay $20 in year 1)

Offseason schedule will begin when the league is filled.
Bidding & the offseason schedule is a blast! This is a unique league with a rulebook you should check out. Definitely my favorite format of fantasy baseball

We use Slack. Very communicative & helpful group.. 
League is technically in Year 2 (since we didn't play last season). 

Check out the link below for the rules. I will accept your request to view within minutes.
Team available: Pete



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We had our inaugural (slow) auction in 2019.
We had our offseason free agent auctions in 2020 but rosters froze immediately after (due to covid)

When we get our last spot filled we'll open free agency auctions for 2021. 
There will be significantly more players available since we didnt play at all last year, so there will be unprecedented activity.

But to reiterate, nothing has started or will start until our last spot is filled

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