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Can only keep 4. WHIR

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I can only keep 4 of these guys. We have to keep at least 1 pitcher so I am keeping Bauer. You can see that stats we use and how Yahoo projects them all. I am keeping Trea Turner and Trout for sure. That leaves 2 slots to fill. I am leaning Machado and LeMahieu. I have tried to make a trade but nobody is biting. I am even willing to trade away Trout, while his name value is still top notch, but nobody wants to trade.




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Really hard for me to throw back Devers over DJ. Depending on your league, what do you think will be available in the draft at 2B/1B? Do you have a shot at getting DJ back? I think you have a better shot of getting DJ back in a draft than you do Devers. I like Devers being young as a keeper better.

help me?


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I'm actually going to go with Devers and the Mash as your last two, and then flip one in season, possibly, for an upgrade to DJ. But if you need DJ, I'd keep Devers over Mash 



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Machado and LeMahieu for me.  Position flexibility from both is icing on the cake.  You have Turner, so Machado is 3B.  Dont need another 3B only guy (Arenado and Devers) so keep DJ.  2B is thin this year, and LeMahieu is right near the top there.  Both Machado and LeMahieu have stacked lineups around them also.

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