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TEAMS AVAILABLE! Yahoo! 8 yr established 10 team, 5-player Keeper League, 5x5 Roto, daily change, $50 buy-in

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I run an 8 yr established, 10 team, 5 player keeper, 5x5 roto, daily change, snake-draft league through Yahoo that needs 2-3 new managers this year.
It's a $50 buy in with payouts 60/30/10 for top 3 and last place penalties of $20 & $30 to the 9th & 10th placed teams respectively (that go into the same pot).
Since this is a KEEPER league, I am only looking for long-term managers who want to build a franchise and come back every year.
Please let me know if you are interested.
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5x5 Roto / 10 team / 5 player keeper



IP limit = 1500 innings

** Below are the top players on each team **


Team 1 Roster (#1 overall pick)

C. Yelich - MIL

C. Seager - LAD

W. Merrifield - KC

A. Rizzo - CHC

N. Castellanos - CIN

J.D. Martinez - BOS

M. Chapman - OAK

L. Castillo - CIN

T. Glasnow - TB

S. Strasburg - WAS

S. Gray - CIN

K. Hendricks - CHC


Team 2 Roster (#2 overall pick)

M. Trout - LAA

G. Springer - TOR

Y. Moncada - CWS

M. Conforto - NYM

D. Swanson - ATL

C. Correa - HOU

A. Nola - PHI

Z. Greinke - HOU

J. Hader - MIL

J. Luzardo - OAK

D. May - LAD


Team 3 Roster (#4 overall pick)

X, Bogaerts - BOS

J. Abreu - CWS

T. Anderson - CWS

K. Tucker - HOU

J. Baez - CHC

J. Altuve - HOU

J. Soler - KC

T. Pham - SD

W. Smith - LAD

T. Bauer - LAD

L. Giolito - CWS

C. Burnes - MIL

M. Fried - ATL






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Hi -

Draft date has not been determined as we are waiting to fill all 3 spots, but it will be during the week of 3/23 - 3/29.

Are you interested in playing multiple years or is this a 1 year thing for you?

Keep in mind, since this a keeper league, we are only looking for long-term managers.

Happy to chat offline at chaud27@yahoo.com if you are interested.



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