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11 hours ago, rotojoe said:

8 cat h2h. Who wins this?


A gets Myles Turner and Herro.

B gets Jarrett Allen and Duncan Robinson.

The meat of the trade is turner for allen. And honestly turner regressed to just top 40 last 30 days. This is due to low scoring rebs and 44 fg% and blks are his only elite cat. Allen has been playing better. Drummond out of the way. I'd say edge to B


Please help me with mine 




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Allen gives you more production overall but i think due to Turner's uber elite blocks he is the guy i would take in a h2h.   have a gander at the blocks leaders....


help with mine?


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depends what you want. you want reb,  and fg% with a downgrade at ft% take allen.

you want blks, threes and no  ft drag  take turner. turners blks are double allens something to keep in mind.


pretty muich take the player whos been top 15 almost all year and offers better stats and stat combo of blks and threes

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