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Nick Madrigal 2021 Outlook

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5 hours ago, sleepysock said:

Dude was raking the last 3-4 weeks and making a bee-line for the 2-hole. Was also starting to drive the ball for the first time in his career. What a bummer. 

Yeah hes not a marquee loss for the Sox like Eloy or Robert, but he's a tough out and plays solid D. Not a big fantasy loss though. And I'll take a hammy injury over a shoulder or oblique. 

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32 minutes ago, Richard Kimble said:

Coming over crosstown to the Cubs as the main return of the Kimbrel trade. What will this mean for the future of Javy Baez, as the Cubs also have Nico Hoerner on the infield? This is nuts.

Baez is gone too. Strongly considering dropping Madrigal in dynasty now. Cubs offense is going to be dismal and Madrigal doesn't have the power for HRs and RBIs, and his runs are going to drop significantly, though 2B is pretty shallow. 

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I like Madrigal more in the NL. He almost has to hit leadoff next year and the Cubs will prolly let him run more. Even if DH comes to NL next year. As for the Cubs being bad next year, they were pretty bad this year with all those guys they traded.

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