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Can this squad actually compete for a championship? - WHIR

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Hey fellas

ASB is here, and I'm trying to gauge where I am - and if I can actually make a push for the playoffs and get to the end. Team is in signature. 10 Team ESPN H2H 9 cat and we removed TO and added DD instead.  I'm currently sitting 4th right now, and 3 games back from the 3rd place squad. 6 teams make the playoffs, and from the teams in the league, we have 8 super competitive squads and 2 teams that are in full tank mode. 

I got off to a slow start, with Booker and Ayton not living up to the ADP (although Booker has turned a page)

I ran a team analysis on BBM, and it said I'm lacking in 3's, points and steals. I do think I have a chance to be better with some injury help - especially if JJJ and Nurk can make it back to the court in some time soon.

I also made the following trades so far this year:

Traded away AD for James Harden

Traded away John Collins for Porzingis

Traded away Tyler Herro for Draymond Green

Traded away draft pick for Kelly Oubre

So, can I compete and turn a page and get this squad rolling? Is there any moves you'd recommend to make?  ( this season has been difficult with all the man games being missed with injuries and COVID)



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