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Keeper Settings - Customize Keeper Values & Draft Order

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In reading these forums, and listening to fantasy baseball podcasts, it seems that a lot of folks play in leagues that use player contracts, increasing player values (if kept), or a highly customizable draft order based on the league's keepers. I've been in a couple standard keeper leagues on ESPN (i.e., you have a set # of keepers that occupy the first # rounds of the draft) for awhile, but haven't used theses features before. Our league would like to switch platforms so we can try something a bit more advanced. The two league setups that we're considering are: 

1) An auction draft keeper league, where the original auction value increases by $5/year that a player is kept.

2) A standard draft league where where keeper selections are linked to the round in which a player is drafted (i.e., if Player A is drafted in round 12, you forfeit your 12th round pick to keep them, rather than your 1st round pick). This second option may also involve increasing round values over time, too. 

I'm wondering what sites (preferably free) support thee setups? Is one league setup typically better than the other? Are these settings difficult for the commish to manage? I'm comfortable spending some time each spring to do this manually, but I don't not really sure how to get things started. Maybe Fantrax is the best option.  Any advice is appreciated!

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Yahoo can handle option 2) easily. That's how my league works...keep up to four players, each year is two rounds earlier than previous year. A bit of manual set up for the Commish after keeper picks are locked, but not a big deal. I don't play in any auction leagues, but I think Yahoo can do option 1) as well, with similar manual edits to keeper player salaries.

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