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$50 New fun draft and hold H2h points setup. Big payout!

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Was already posted in here but sharing once again because we need owners...

Here’s the rundown:

- $53.33 per team. ($50 for league + $3.33 for Fantrax Premium fee)
   - Fantrax Treasurer will hold funds

- 2 separate leagues of 15 teams all named after one MLB franchise (Each side is their own 15 man league with the same player pools)

- AL and NL Drafts will be held separately on March 15 12:05 PM ET 
    - 2 hour Clock (With pause timer for sleep beginning at 11pm ET until 9am ET)
    - 50 Round Draft

-Draft and Hold
    - No trading or pickups (50 rostered players)

- 7 H2H points max matchups weekly against your division. 132 total game season (There will be 8 weeks with only 6 matchups)  
    - Weekly lineup locks

-Playoffs begin 8/30
    - Top 6 teams from each league will advance
    - Playoffs will be 4 rounds total. (3 for the NL/AL pennants, followed by the World Series in the final round)

-100% Payouts
    - $1500 Pot
    - NL and AL regular season best record (tie goes to points forced) - $100 Each ($200 
    - NL and AL Champion- $400 each ($800 total)
    - NL and AL Runner up- $100 each ($200 total)
    - WS Champion will get an additional $300

Teams still available:
- White Sox
- Rockies
- Astros
- Royals
- Angels
- Dodgers
- Brewers
- Phillies
- Pirates
- Nationals
- Athletics

Comment on this post or email me (jrkelly618@gmail.com) if interested!

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