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10 team keeper league looking for one new owner

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10 team keeper league looking for one new owner to take over an existing team. This league is in its second year.

CBS Roto NON h2h: 5x5...HR, RBI, Runs, SB, OBP, Wins, Saves, ERA, WHIP, Ks. 

Will will keep 12 players a year for as long as you want to keep them. 
You may only trade draft picks after each season for that upcoming draft. No future draft picks for different years. The expansion draft order after each season will be a random order regardless of where teams finished the year before. I hate people dumping to try and get a better draft spot. Remember we are keeping 120 total players so getting a top draft pick which is basically the 13th round is nothing special anyways. So even the guy that finished 1st will have a chance the next year for the first pick from the randomizer. The randomizer does not cheat so no complaining about the pick you get each year. If you don't have your keepers checked by the date they are due then I will add all your players on your roster to a randomizer and the top 12 will be your keepers. Even if your best player is not chosen by the randomizer. Everyone has many months to set them so no reason to wait when you can just change them as much as you want. Set them early and change them. No excuses about them not being set for a last minute emergency. 

Fee will be $50 a season. The site costs $150 per season since I like using CBS for all my leagues. So $15 per team goes to the site and the rest will pay out the top 3 finishers. We will use league safe for the money. Must pay before we draft or I will have to find another owner. I don't want the league to be about the money but about building a good team and trying to be competitive each year so making the buy-in and overall money small. I care way more about winning and building a great team then winning a little bit of money. 

1st gets 60% of the pot....210.00 
2nd gets 25% of the pot....87.50 
3rd gets 15% of the pot....52.50(Gets there entry fee back) 

It will be daily lineup changes with no restrictions on how many moves you want to make. We have games played limits for hitters(162) per spot and IP cap(1600) for pitchers so streaming does no good. Pickups for the day lock 5 minutes before the first game of the day starts. But you can change your lineup from your bench 5 minutes before THEIR game starts. 

There are no waivers just add/drops at anytime. In a keeper league nobody will be dropping good players anyways. So dropped players will be free agents instantly. Same goes for the trading process. All trades go through. No voting on other peoples trades. We all have our own ranks and judgements on players and we are all different. So I hate when people say so and so got ripped off. Well he does not think so and it is his team. In keeper leagues some will try to win that year and some might try for the future so some trades will look a little weird to others at times. But they are doing what they want for their team so it is all good. So no complaining about other peoples trades. They both wanted it and it is easy for you to look at other trades and not like them but they are not your players. The only time I will step in and reverse a trade is if there is cheating happening and both owners would be kicked out and the trade reversed. There is also a trading deadline each year. I will set that later. Once the season is over I open up trades again the very next day and you can start trading right away(with draft picks included for that coming season only). 

I know a few of these rules might be different then other leagues but this is why I am setting up this league. I won't change any of them so I only want people to join that won't complain about the settings(add/drop rule, no veto trade rule, draft order rule, etc) or ask to have certain things changed. 

Starting lineups: 

2- C 
1- 1b 
1- 2b 
1- 3b 
1- ss 
1- mi 
1- ci- 
5- of's 
2- ut's 

9- pitching spots. No SP/RP spots. Just 9 pitching spots with 1600 IP cap. 

10- Bench spots 

15- DL spots. Player must be on the MLB DL and cbs has to also add him tho their DL before you will be able to add him to a DL spot. I know it takes a few hours(sometimes) for CBS to add them to the DL but we just have to leave them on the bench until then. I make a ton of DL spots since I hate having many injured guys sit on benches. 

The reason I have so many DL spots and a large bench is that is where we also hold onto our minor leaguers. There is no separate bench for minor leaguers. If you want to keep minor leaguers they are part of your 12 you keep. 

Once a player comes off the DL CBS will have a notification on the top of your team page that he is off the DL and the next time you change your lineup he will go to your bench. Most likely giving you an illegal roster with too many players on your team and will have to cut someone. If you don't fix your lineup you will not get any stats for that day. It will be in red writing on top of your lineup page. 

Players qualify at that position according to what CBS call a primary position and then our own games rule. If you played 10 games at a position the year before you will qualify at that position the next season. Also 10 games played during the season will make you qualify at that position right then also. You can make as many moves a day as you choose. 

If a player gets suspended you just have to keep him on your bench if you want to hold onto him. 

If you hit the wrong button on a trade. Because this is a keeper league and I have been in a few where people meant to hit reject but accidentally accept on a trade they did not want you need to go to the message board on the front page and say that it was a mistake and you did not mean to hit accept within 5 minutes of accepting it. If after 5 minutes then it was no mistake and it will stand. The punishment for hitting the wrong button is you give that person you just accidentally traded your 6th round pick next year. If you do it again in same season then the next guy you do it to gets your 5th round pick. I do this rule for two reasons. 1- Many of us send out 20 offers and if you hit accept it will wipe out all other offers that person made to others if any of the same players were involved. 2- People need to pay more attention what they are hitting. Happened 4 times last year in my other keeper league so this is why we have this rule. Same rule applies for a FA you accidently drop. IF you drop someone by mistake and someone grabs him real quick you can have it reversed if you post it within 5 minutes but that person gets your draft pick for the mistake you made. 

After the draft/before the season starts you must keep a legal lineup. You can't just pick up 50 extra free agents. 

If there is wild card games at the end of the season we will not count those stats. Season will end on the normal sunday. 

I am sure there could be a few things I forgot to add but it will be ran the same as my other league I run so will add stuff here as I think about it since I am sure I left out a few things/rules. 

If you are interested please send me an email at kevinnance45@yahoo.com

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