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New 12-Team Roto / Fantrax / $100 leaguesafe / Slow Auction starting 3.18 / Daily lineups / Redraft

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Detailed summary of my new league is below. I'm looking for owners to join. Reply with email or send me a message.
Will expect owners to join a Discord for league chatter.


12 Team Mixed Rosters (AL + NL), Redraft (auction) annually
Hosted on: Fantrax (no fees for first year league)
$100 Buy-in (to be hosted on LeagueSafe with majority approval) I would use Fantrax treasurer, but they do not have a voting system yet.

5 x 5 Rotisserie Scoring
No, I’m not crazy, these categories are mirroring a trial format that Tout Wars is using this year to replace Wins/QS.  

Season Long Payouts:
$700 - 1st Place
$300 - 2nd Place
$100 - 3rd Place
$50 - 4th Place

Second Half (Post-All Star Game):
$50 - 1st Place
This is meant to encourage competition through the end of the season.

Slow Auction on: couchmanagers.com
AUCTION NOTES: Starting 8pm Eastern on Thursday 3/18/2021 with the goal of finishing within 2 weeks (before opening day).  
Initially 12 hour resets, will discuss with group dropping once we’ve hit certain completion thresholds (50/75/90%) or get closer to opening day.  
Please note, couchmanagers uses Yahoo position eligibility, which I cannot get Fantrax to completely copy.  Always refer to Fantrax eligibility.  If after the auction you have an illegal roster, I will work with you to correct it.
We will auction for all 29 roster spots as follows...

Rosters: 29 Active + Reserve Spots
Active: C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, CI, MI, OF x5, UT x2, P x9
Reserves: 6 spots
Injured Reserves: Up to 2 spots
Minor Leaguers: Up to 2 spots
Must be actual minor leaguers

Daily Rosters, with individual player locks 1 minute before start

Trades: 2-day processing time, requires 51% of owners not in the trade to object.  Trade deadline of 8/22.

Free Agency:
All unrostered players are Free Agents, and Free Agent Auctions will process on Wednesday and Sunday at 10PM
All owners will start with a Free Agent Auction Budget (FAAB) of $100, this budget will not
interact with any left over Draft Auction dollars, draft wisely!
Fantrax makes available an advanced claim/bid system which I haven’t seen yet but it is supposed to provide a lot of flexibility for conditional claims.
Winning bids will pay the full price of their winning bid.  Ties will be broken based on reverse league standings.

Illegal Rosters: The system will block illegal rosters, except where trade outcomes result in an illegal roster (Fantrax recommends providing this flexibility), however an illegal roster as a result of a trade will prevent you from accruing any stats.  
In the case of IR players who become healthy, or Minor Leaguers who get called up, all transactions will lock (even daily roster decisions) following a 2-day grace period.  No stashing.

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17 hours ago, jtana said:

Joined, can you send me the discord link.

Discord will follow, sorry the one person who felt strongly about a discord actually isn't participating.  So it may not be mandatory anymore.  I'll let you know!

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5 minutes ago, apots77 said:

Are there any spots left?

If so I’ll take an invite. 


Invite sent, sorry! I tried replying before asking for email but was timed out and then went back to work!

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7 hours ago, apots77 said:

I'm in the league..is the discord set up for the league chat

Not yet, and actually because I've recruited from a few sources there's some mixed opinions on what source to use.  I'm going to figure it out afterwards but at a minimum the fantrax page actually has a decent chat window on the main league screen.

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