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16 Man Guillotine Elimination League $50 ESPN Auction Draft - Looking for Owners

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Elimination Fantasy Baseball League $50 Auction Looking For Owners Leaguesafe

In search of owners for a Knockout(Guillotine) Fantasy Baseball League

For those unfamiliar with Guillotine Leagues, basically the worst team every week is eliminated from the league. Their players are then released into the waivers where league uses a Free Agent Auction Bidding(FAAB) blind bidding system where teams can bid on their players(along with all other players already on waivers)

League will be an auction draft, league is currently expected to have 16 members and have a buy in of $50(Leaguesafe)

If league is not 16 members we will adjust schedule and payouts well before anyone pays and the draft is set.

Payouts at 16x50 will be: 1st- $500 2nd: $250 3rd: $50

I have previously hosted similar baseball and football leagues(and some other sports a few times)

Settings are estimates and subject to change, right now it would be something similar to:

Weeks 1 through 10, lowest scoring team every week would be eliminated. Leaving us with 6 teams.

From there, weeks 11+12 would be 1 elimination, weeks 13+14 would be 1 elimination, weeks 15+16 1 elimination, weeks 17+18 1 elimination and weeks 19+20 would be the finals.

Scoring is Total Points(not head to head or rotisserie) Points are reset every week, so it does not matter if you score 200 and are 1st or 2nd to last with 60 points, once you advance you start the new week with 0.

Please message me on here if interested or you can reply directly to this. League is ran through ESPN and money will be in Leaguesafe

Message me for link 

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10 hours ago, Uppnorth10 said:

Do you have a draft date set yet? I am in as long as it doesn’t collide with my other auction drafts 

I have proposed the draft being: Saturday March 27 at 8 PM est but am waiting to hear back from the members in so far to be sure this works so it is not 100% set. Just need your email to send an invite 

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7 hours ago, Rick_Hoedt said:

Sounds complicated but interesting. Please send me the link so I can see roster set up / add limits and other details.

I sent you a message with the link included 

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