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Who do I drop to activate Caris Levert? WHIR

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Levert is making his debut on Saturday and I need to find someone to drop. I might just sit him the first game or two but I'll eventually have to get rid of someone.

Here's my team:

Guards: Curry, Westbrook, Brogdon, Lamelo, Conley, Garland

Wings: Roco, Bazley (IR), KPJ, Delon, Levert (IR)

Bigs: KAT, Capela, WCJ, Poeltl

What's the move here? 

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Considering Bazley is also on IR, I think I'd drop either WCJ or Delon due to uncertainty about playing time. Roco is also a consideration with Nurk + CJ coming back but I think the blazers will keep him on the floor for his defense. 

I'm not as big a believer in WCJ as most so he'd be my pick except that might also leave you shorthanded on big man stats so depends what stats you're targeting. Personally, I would try to trade away a guard and a wing to make space for levert because it looks like you have a surplus of guards.

Thanks for help on mine

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