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Two Second-Year ESPN FREE Keeper Leagues With Openings

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As Season 2 approaches, I'm attempting to replace the current holders of teams in two of my leagues. The people to be replaced did not confirm interest in participating in the upcoming season and were given enough time to do so. These teams are in two different leagues so it's possible to join both if you have the interest and there are teams still available.

League 1 is set to draft on March 23rd, while League 2 is set for March 18th (next Thursday). Both are 10-team keeper leagues hosted on ESPN. However, League 2 is one where team names have to be set after MLB franchises (either present or past). If you take over a team from that league, you can change it to another team not already represented.

The following are the list of available openings. If you're interested, please specify which team(s) and leave an email address to send the invite(s) to.

LEAGUE 1 (these team names are all open to change upon joining)






LEAGUE 2 (the MLB franchise league)

BOSTON AMERICANS (7th pick in draft):

MONTREAL EXPOS (5th pick in draft):

NEW YORK YANKEES (10th pick in draft):

SAN FRANCISCO SEALS (3rd pick in draft):

WASHINGTON SENATORS (2nd pick in draft):


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9 hours ago, Tfle928 said:

Hello, I am very interested in joining one or both of the leagues! Which teams are still available? Thanks

LEAGUE 1: Jersey ShoreSox and Team Merlina

LEAGUE 2: Boston, New York, SF Seals, and Washington

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11 hours ago, JD360Power said:

UPDATE: The previous owner of the San Francisco Seals in League 2 has QUIT THE LEAGUE! This team now MUST be filled in order to proceed!



11 hours ago, JD360Power said:

LEAGUE 1: Jersey ShoreSox and Team Merlina

LEAGUE 2: Boston, New York, SF Seals, and Washington

Ill take merlina in league 1. tfle928@aol.com


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