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Last draft we did like this we filled up with 12 fast
We are already at 6 spots filled for tonight
  Will just go with half teams make playoffs to keep it simple with 2 weeks per playoff matchup  

$25 buy in kept with leaguesafe 
rough payouts depending on teams:
1st place playoffs50% of money 
2nd place playoffs:  25% of money 
Best regular season record25% of money 
Depending on how many we get, the league will be at least 9 then if we get more we will bump it up to 10, 12, 14 teams depending on what we get. I just would like to draft a couple more times and don’t want to get stuck with having to fill 14. This is all just for fun.
I will give till 5PM Eastern today to at least fill 8 if we don't I'll cancel so people aren't waiting around for the league to start and we can't fill last second. 
Gonna keep this Basic: 5x5 head to head each category 
Daily roster setting 

Roster Size: 26
Total Starters: 18
Total on Bench: 8 (8 IL)


Catcher (C): 1

First Base (1B): 1

Second Base (2B): 1

Third Base (3B): 1

Shortstop (SS): 1

Outfield (OF): 3

Utility (UTIL): 2

Pitcher (SP, RP): 8

Bench (BE): 8

Injured List (IL): 8

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