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Aaron Hicks 2021 Outlook

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At first glance there’s not much to like about Aaron Hicks.  Poor average, mediocre power and a bit of speed.

But fantasy baseball much like real estate investing can sometimes be an investment based on the 3 golden rules: location location location.

Boone seems to just love him and Bats him often 3rd in the order.  Sometimes it’s just 4-6.  Why he’s seen as reliable is a mystery.  But he should be able to just roll out of bed and score 80 or more runs and rbis.

Another point of interest, his k rate fell and his walk rate elevated last year. He has long been dealing with various injuries which could account for some stats.

he probably won’t hit 3rd so long as judge and Stanton are healthy but how often have these guys been healthy?

can probably be picked up on the sly for the 1-5 dollar range. Easy profit here.


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Not only that, Statcast has him as unlucky last season. The Yankees play him 3rd because his awesome plate discipline gives him a huge floor.  He’s going to get lots of runs and RBIS while giving you AT LEAST 20 HR and 10 SB. Super undervalued 

Edit: He projects very similarly to Moncada I feel like who is going rounds before him in drafts 

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I like this guy too, but the key with him imo is staying healthy.  He always seems to have some sort of nagging injury if not a lengthy IL stint.  It's because of this that he can be had for cheap at auction or really late at ADP 268.  I think that the price is right on this guy and for a dart throw you could do much worse.

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Unrelated, but here is Hicks getting a hole in one on a 300 yard par 4: https://www.mlb.com/news/aaron-hicks-gets-hole-in-one-on-video

As for baseball, he's better in real life with an elite walk rate, that's why he bats high in the order. If he stays healthy, you can look for 20+ HR and 5+ SB. Nice, player, but for fantasy purposes is nothing special. Add in the injury risk and he's fairly priced.

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