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Trout for deGrom in keeper league?

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Depends on who you have? If you’re the degrom side ide add another piece. If trout I would test to see if he’ll bite 1v1


depends on who is being kept by others ie- top tier SP are being kept or if there  are ample arms available 


help me 


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It's 6 keepers, 14 SP kept total so a good amount of teams keeping only 1 SP.  This guy has 2, Bieber and Castillo.  Not sure if that would be a deterrent for him...

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Degrom would definitely need a piece added to catch Trout. Since it's only 6 keepers, I'm assuming everyone's keepers are pretty solid (including your own.) Problem is there is that you have to give up Degrom plus a guy who is god enough for other owner to keep which could mean your overpaying by that point. One thing that could work is broadening the deal a bit to a 2:2. Degrom and a good hitter for Trout+Castillo maybe? Hard to say without seeing both rosters in full.

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