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Cam Akers 2021 Outlook

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7 hours ago, Stonej14 said:

No ones saying Henderson isn’t gonna get any touches. He might get 130-140 carries this season but the rams ran 473 times last year. I’d bet Akers is gonna be in the 220-240 rushes range (which would put him around 7-9 most attempts last year) and get the bulk of the pass catching work as well.

this righ' chere ^

look, to the Hendu troofers - i'm not saying the kid is dog dirt, just that he's not a threat to usurp lead rb duties from a healthy Green Acres. 

hell, if i do draft G.A. you can bet green US of A currency that i'll be fitting Hendu for the 'cuff. 

i'll put him in the mix wif Pollard and Slats and Matty's son as most desirable rb stashes - it's a loooong arse season, never hurts to have a few gems on the ol' rooooster for "in case of emergency, break glass!" schtick. 





Zach Stacey? huh?  howzabout Cullen Bryant? 


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Posted (edited)

Talent isn’t in question, injury history is the only real issue here.

Schedule looks ok. Rams with Stafford should be good but they start with:


Chicago then @ Indy then vs TB. All 3 pretty good defenses then they play @ Baltimore in the fantasy final week. Other than those loittle things the only concern I’d have is the aforementioned injury history dating back to college.


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Brutal blow for Akers, feel bad for the guy.  Wishing him well in his recovery.

From a fantasy perspective, I think the LAR are going to work the phones like crazy to bring in another RB of significance.  This team has been built to win a SB now.  I don't think they have the belief that DHenderson can carry a full RB workload. 

Big names like Melvin Gordon, David Johnson, and maybe even Ronald Jones could be had in a trade. 

Then there's players like Sony Michael and Benny Snell who could be had for cheap.

Of course the veteran fantasy stars of yesterday like AP, Gurley, LeVeon and Gore are still out there waiting for a call.

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1 minute ago, The G Man said:

Guessing that makes Henderson next man up then?

For now. 

Also, here's your first annual reminder that RBs get hurt. All. The. Time. Stop worrying about one RB being injury prone, or another being safe. This same thing could have happened to anyone. 

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50 minutes ago, Eazail said:

Drafted him in my first 3 leagues smfh. Had Henderson in 2 of them. Fantasy bad luck already in play for me 

Never understood the logic in drafting before the 3rd preseason games.

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17 minutes ago, Gryfter said:

Never understood the logic in drafting before the 3rd preseason games.

Eh, they can get injured week 1. It's all six one half dozen the other, I mean I wouldn't if it were my ONLY  league but like I do 5 leagues and one is early. Sometimes it's just playing the cards as they fall.

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