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18 team points league, needs at least 2 people, $250

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If interested please email me at kpettip@yahoo.com


Hello, our long time league has at least one opening for this season.  The draft is Saturday 3/27 at 6 PM EST. $250 entry

Funds are held on leaguesafe with a majority vote needed.

100% payout, minus the CBS fee.

I'm biased, but this is my favorite league that I play in.  We like the league deep and try as best as possible to mimic real life baseball.  We prefer not to have excellent players available on the wire.  Lineups are set daily

18 teams - 35 man rosters

FAAB budget = $750

Additional rules for 2021 season:

Total Prize Pool = $4,350 prize pool (18 teamx x $150 - $150 CBS fee)

1st place = $1,650 2nd Place = $1,000 3rd Place = $700 4th Place = $450 5th Place = $350 6th Place = $200

In the 2020 season we added 2 roster spots (because of Covid), but we're going to take one away this season (there's no official DL, everyone on your roster whether they're active), hurt or in the minors counts.

FAAB pickups will be limited to one pickup per week for each of the last two weeks. FAAB will not reset, you�ll need to use your remaining balance.

In year's prior to last year we had a limit of 10 SP's per roster. The limit will be 11 this year as we anticipate some MLB using 6 man rotations and look for other ways to limit innings.

As a reminder: if someone is a pitcher in real life then they're considered a SP in our league. It doesn't matter if they're injured or in the minors, they still count. If you're unsure please ask for clarification.

The most common point of confusion relates to pitchers moving from bullpen roles to starting. If someone makes a spot start (and you're already at the 11 SP limit) you need to make a roster move prior to a second consecutive start being made by your pitcher.

Draft Day is Saturday 3/27 @ 6pm est
$250.00 league fee

Key Dates

Begin FAAB March 28th (the night of 3/28 heading into 3/29)
Trade Deadline - 9/5


Trades will be approved by one of the Commissioners. If you trade a player to another owner you may not reacquire that player from the same owner.

FAAB dollars can be traded


  (1B) Singles      
  (2B) Doubles      
  (3B) Triples      
  (BA) Batting Average      
  (BB) Walks (Batters)      
  (CYC) Hitting for the Cycle      
  (GSHR) Grand Slam Home Runs      
  (HP) Hit by Pitch      
  (HR) Home Runs      
  (IB) Intentional Walks      
  (R) Runs      
  (RBI) Runs Batted In      
  (SB) Stolen Bases      
  (SF) Sacrifice Flies
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