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I was offered Mitchel, Batum and Capela for Mccollum, Smart and Deandre Hunter.  I feel like I'm giving up too much with Smart somewhat.  I could counter with Harrell maybe instead of Smart.  I have Wall and Dipo who alternate on back to backs on the il but they are il eligible when it happens.   I havent been streaming but come playoff time they might be useful with 2 il spots.  I'm waiting to see if Mccollum and Hunter are going to play back to backs right now and might be too many injured guys.  Or is my team fine as it is?


10 team h2h standard categories













b-wendell carter jr

b-keldon johnson

il-deandre hunter




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actually my bad this is yahoo and wall and dipo just go to out status i think when they sit on back to backs.  I'm not sure so I may be in a bind come playoff time if Mccollum and Hunter sit as well.  I am not sure how that works.  They were both just listed as injured when i put bagley on there and they were eligible and i got confused maybe.  I can put them on the block too and see what i can get but probably not fair value. 

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I’d rather have Capela and Mitchell over McCollum, Smart and Hunter. 

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I just dumped brunson and  carter jr for poole and divencenzo.   I have to counter with those 3 for those 2 now(ie removing batum from the deal he would have to drop ).  Doing work here..  Or i can offer divencenzo instead of smart.    Should i do this or not?  Would like a second opinion.   my team is pretty much at that point where im not going to have many drops left.  it's call up hunter for divencenzo or poole or make this trade.  wall and dipo too not sure what to do except wait it out. 

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