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$50 Leaguesafe 10-Team ESPN H2H 6x6 Cats(+OPS,QS) 7 KEEPERS. SNAKE DRAFT Tue. March 30 at 7PM EST 1st PICK

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Looking to find an owner for an open team in my ESPN league. The team has first pick in this years draft. It is quite active and competitive. We keep 7 players every year right now, but we vote on everything(keepers, buyin, rule changes, roster changes, etc.) and anyone can propose a change in the league.

As stated above, it is a 10 team ESPN 6x6 H2H categories league with OPS and QS added. It is also SV+HD instead of just SV. We allow draft pick trading during the offseason and in season after the Allstar break until the trade deadline. It is very trade active so you can pretty easily manipulate your roster.

This team would be best for a relatively experienced owner. Given we only keep 7, the league is pretty fluid, but value consolidation is extremely important to keep in mind when trading in this league and building a roster for the future. Most prospects can be scooped up for free if you do your homework.

The link to the team is below. Normally, every owner must keep 7 going into the draft, but this year, the new owner may keep as many from the roster as theyd like and pick their remaining keepers from the player pool during the draft before everyone else selects.


Thanks for reading and hope to play with you soon!


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