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Austin Slater 2021 Outlook

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Just now, Richard Kimble said:

If I'm remembering correctly Chris Young took the MLB disciplinarian job last season and then took the job as GM of the Rangers this year...yes I was right, confirmed. 

Anyway, Slater has a shocking number of Ks so far, but his surface stats say he's actually swinging outside of the zone just under 30%, about 7% less than his usual, and has had some average batted ball luck. He's not barreling it up much right now, ISO is half the usual rate. So his BA should go up and the SLG will also, but the HR/FB rate is also above normal. The speed is the best asset, but he's really only going to be useful for deep NL only leagues and as a bench player for deep rosters with his multiple spots he can fill. 


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Yeah I've dropped him and re-added him once already in my 10 teamer but I think I may drop again. Once Yaz is back, Tauchman simply isn't going away. What a bummer of a transaction. I had high hopes he could break the platoon, but he's not hitting well enough to justify it. The strikeout rate (35%) is the most shocking honestly. His groundball rate is also much higher than last year. 

I'm starting to wonder if those strides he made last year were a short sample mirage because his numbers this year are sort of in line with the rest of his career. The steals are so valuable in roto but everything else is bringing the value down and making him hard to roster at the moment. 

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1 minute ago, murraygd13 said:

Playing time has completely vanished

Last start was a week ago against Snell, could be the short side of a platoon. Giants haven't faced a lefty since the 7th.

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Kap loves platoons...and though he talked about Slater as an everyday guy, that was before Tauchman arrived.  SF has several LHB OF ... so sadly, could be that Slater only plays partial games when they oppose a RH starting pitcher.  It sucks but Slater has not stood out enough to play over Tauchman, Yaz & Dickerson...yet.  I think Slater should start over Duggar but lately it's been strict platoon at the start of games.

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